San Antonio Neighborhoods Series

Tour The Dominion

Today we’re going to talk about one of the San Antonio neighborhoods that’s very exclusive called the Dominion. Come and take a tour with us.

The Dominion is one of the exclusive neighborhoods here in San Antonio. Therefore, they have a gate which is secure 24/7 with a security guard. You have to show a valid ID when you come into the Dominion. As you drive through the neighborhood, you’re going to notice all of the beautiful landscaping. The main drive is called Dominion Drive, of course, and then there are several cul-de-sacs that pair off on either side.

Cost of Homes in The Dominion

The price points of the homes start at very reasonable price. $355,000 is the opening price point for one of the homes in the Dominion, but they do go well into the higher price points, up into the millions, over two million and the most exclusive one which is owned by George Strait is up for sale at over 8.9 million.

Most of the homes in the Dominion are available by appointment only, so if you see any properties that you’d like from my list, then you can give me a call and we can schedule a time to go take a look. 210 672-1967



Golf, Country Club, Tennis

One of the first things you’re going to notice when you enter the Dominion is to the right will be the golf course. Actually, you’ll see the driving range. Many times, people are out there practicing during the day. On the left-hand side, you’re going to see the country club, the pool house, as well as all of the tennis courts. This is a very large tennis facility. They do offer leagues as well for adults and juniors, and they also have a program for USTA there.

In the clubhouse, you’ll also find locker rooms as well as available spa treatments. It’s a full service clubhouse. In addition to the guests and the owners that use this facility, it’s also rented out for event venues such as weddings and receptions. The fitness center has trainers both for groups, individuals and specialty.

Thanks for taking the driving tour of the San Antonio neighborhood, the Dominion with us. If you’d like to get your copy of the homes that are for sale in the Dominion, please visit this link. The Dominion list of homes

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