Luxury Homes

Pam Roberts is the Owner/Realtor® of the Gateway Group, and also a luxury home marketing specialist. What does that mean for you? She has earned The Institute for Luxury Home Marketing’s Million Dollar GUILD™ recognition for experience, knowledge, and expertise in million-dollar and above residential properties. Pam Roberts is a Certified Luxury Home Marketing Specialist™ (CLHMS), part of an exclusive group of real estate professionals who have completed The Institute’s training and have a proven performance in the upper-tier market.


Luxury Home Marketing

“Agents who have earned the GUILD™ recognition are performing at the highest level in their community,” said Diane Hartley, president of The Institute. “It takes a superior level of service to be successful and consistently close sales at or above one million dollars. We want to recognize this performance and give these elite professionals the earned distinction that they are the agent of choice for affluent buyers and sellers.”

Why a Luxury Specialist?

If you are still searching for the absolute best real estate company to help you sell your home in or around the San Antonio area look no further. You may feel obligated to compare and we encourage that but at the end of the day The Gateway Group has a tested and proven home selling program that continues to get better and better with time. In our years of experience we’ve seen just about everything. We know what truly works. It goes beyond our systems and beyond our tactics. It always starts with you and we’ll be there every step of the way helping you reach your goals in selling your home.