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Pam Roberts:

I’m a people person and I’ve had a knack for sales as long as I can remember. Working in sales and negotiations in corporate America has helped me to develop and fine tune the skills I use now in my real estate business. Sometimes it takes a little trial and error, but it’s so satisfying when we find the right one.

I’m Pam Roberts, team leader for the Gateway Group Real Estate team here in San Antonio. I’m a native Texan. And I grew up in the Dallas Fort worth area and now call San Antonio my home. Every client is different and I enjoy meeting them, finding out about their family, and understanding what it is that they ultimately want in their home. It’s really about understanding them and their personality, as well as knowing the market and what type of home and location will be a good fit.

King Family

I think it’s important to realize when you choose somebody that for a real estate agent, that the person is someone that you could trust and know that they are basically doing everything on your behalf and with your best interest in mind. And I’ve always felt that Pam was right on with those attributes and we just really trust her.

Ochoa Family

Biggest difference is just that customer service, level of customer service. Her patience with our kind of lists of must haves and wants and needs. And we really like the very modern look. And so she was very patient with us going through several different houses to really get to know who we were as people. And then, the kind of house we wanted to live in and then matching those two was phenomenal. Just the patience she had to go to house, to house, to house until we found what we wanted.

Pam Roberts:

We have many clients that come back to us time and again, when they need to make a move. A new baby, downsizing, and a new job are just a few of the life changing experiences that bring us together. Homes, architecture, and people are what keeps me excited about working in the real estate field. We want you to have a five-star experience when working with us, so that we can be your first choice when friends or family ask you who to recommend for real estate.